Tarot de Marseille Edition Millennium
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Aiming at protecting the traditional inheritance of the Tarot of Marseilles, this website presents exclusive facsimiles of the most beautiful historical Tarots of Marseilles, or said “of Marseilles”, respecting the sizse and the backs of origin. Some of these Tarots were made in the city of Marseilles. Some others, which were not produced in this place, but which compete in graphic and symbolic quality with the Tarots from Marseilles, are also presented. To this day, seven republications of historical Tarots are available on the sale, but many others will be released in time …

Pierre Madenié 1709   Jean-Pierre Payen 1713
Tarot from Pierre Madenié, Dijon 1709
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  Tarot from Jean-Pierre Payen, Avignon 1713
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FrançoisHeri 1736   François Chosson 1736
Tarot from François Heri, Solothurn 1718
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  Tarot from François Chosson, Marseilles 1736
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Claude Burdel 1751   Claude Burdel 1751
Tarot from Claude Burdel, Fribourg 1751
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  Tarot from Nicolas Conver, Marseilles 1760
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Tarot de Marseille Edition Millennium 2017
Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition, Marseilles 2017
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