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• Links •

Below is presented a non-exhaustive list of some essential internet websites dedicated to the Tarot,
grouped as follows :

• Pages about the Tarot and its history •
• High resolution images of historical Tarot decks •

Bonus : Interview of Yves Reynaud with Justin Michael, 09/20/2021

• Pages about the history of Tarot •

One of the best websites dealing with the history of Tarot. Extensive research has been done by the author and many references are available.

Website maintained by Andrea Vitali, a serious Italian Tarot historian.

Site of Sherryl Smith, a Tarot reader and historian. An important work dealing with many historical facts and reviews of Tarot decks.

International Playing Card Society founded in 1972. Many informations about playing cards not specificly Tarot.

A very well informed website.

Andy’s pages, a website that has has not been updated since long time ago, but historical data will rarely expir, unless newer more convincing facts are found.

A forum where people can discuss about the history of Tarot. Not all contributions demonstrate great knowledge of Tarot history, but many of them are very informative or show original thinking.

The wikipedia pages dedicated to the Tarot and the Marseille Tarot's consensually accepted history.

Website of Wilfried Houdouin, creator after extensive research of the Tarot of Marseille Millennium Edition, to date author of two dedicated books, and co-creator with Yves Reynaud of this Tarot of Marseille Heritage website.

• High resolution images of historical Tarot decks •

The Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript Library of the Yale University. Searching its digital collections for “Tarot” will provide among others some links to high resolution images of the “Visconti di Modrone” deck (1442), the “Este Tarot” deck (1473) and also the so called “Cary Sheet” (±1500).

The National Gallery of Art in Washington keeping some uncut Tarot cards sheets from the Rosenwald Collection.

The National Library of France. Searching with the word “tarot” provides access to high resolution images of many historical Tarot decks.

The British Museum has a huge collection of playing cards, displayed with the search keywords “Tarot”, “Tarocchi”, “Tarocchino”, “Minchiate”, “playing cards”…

Website of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest (Hungary). Searching on tarot will give you access to fragments of uncut sheets from different decks. Parts of it are an almost complete set of trump cards, identical to the dick sheets kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The order of the trumps (part of the trumps are numbered) is typical for Trionfi decks from the Dutchy of Ferrara.

Many images of ancient playing cards, including Tarot decks..

The non-profit, multilingual, free-content media files from the Wikimedia family, to which anyone can contribute, where many historical playing cards and Tarot cards can be found.

• Interview of Yves Reynaud with Justin Michael, 09/20/2021 •


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